The internet has evolved into a realm where people are not only consuming media content, but also participating in creating content. The availability of online connectivity and simple content creation tools are putting media power in the hands of consumers. User generated content, such as podcasting, blogging, and video-blogging, has emerged as a vastly growing market.

With few technical and regulatory limitations, people are busy creating content to publish on the internet. Many entrepreneurs are making bets that content created by consumers is a viable and sustainable business model.

Leaders in this space will join a panel to discuss what the market is witnessing and the emerging business models. In addition, key uncertainties will be discussed such as issues of quality control and the affect on traditional media outlets.

Evan Williams, CEO Odeo, Inc.

David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital
Gary Stein, Senior Analyst, Jupiter Research

Randy Haykin, Founder and Managing Director, Outlook Ventures

$35.00 Wed, January 11 - Fri, January 13: $40. at the door.

Email: [email protected]

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