38 South 1st street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Date: Saturday April 1st, 2006
Location: Glass House Gallery in Williamsburg
Time: 9 (doors), 9:30 (show)
Price: $5

Line Up:

Owl Sounds & Exploding Galaxy

Band info:

Visusa is Caitlyn and Calder. Caitlyn is a member of Skint, an NYC dance troupe/band. Visusa recently played The Kitchen. Visusa are avant rockers/performance artists.

Owl Sounds & Exploding Galaxy is drummer Adam Kriney (La Otracina, Castantets, Dead Girls, The Places, Oriental Skulls) and bassist Gene Janas (Kabloona!) w/ alto saxophonist Darius Jones (Birds in the Meadown, Tanakh, Killmetrio) and Gene Moore on guitar (Hat City Intuitive). Owl Sounds has recently played a slew of shows with Arrington de Dionyso of Old Time Relijun and their CD "Owl Sounds with Arrington DeDionyso" made Wire's year's best list for 2005. MP3s are available here: http://www.vorg.net/csr/artistsowlsounds.htm

Moth is Sam Hillmer (Zs, Wet Ink) on tenor saxophone, and Ben Gerstein (Matt Maneri, Tony Malaby) on trombone. Sam and Ben have been playing together since 1998. "Their improvisations bring angular modernistic harmonic material to an aesthetic reminiscent of early twentieth century field recordings of eastern european folk music while engaging noise music and free jazz equally." MP3s are available here: http://bengerstein.com/projects.html

Fire&Flux is drumer Richard Gilman-Opalsky and saxophonist Ben Kates. Rich and Ben played in punk/HC bands for years and years (most notably the Judas Iscariot and Countdown to Putsch). Fire&Flux, started in 2003, is an improvising duo consistingthat draws on various traditions in freejazz, noise, punk and improvisation, as well as on a variety of other music and genres outside of the mainstream. Ben & Rich have been playing and practicing together for the past eight years.

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