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Multimedia Project by T+T

Virtual Wall/ReConstructing the Wall is a virtual reality (VR) artwork, an interactive 3D computer graphic installation that enables users to experience a section of the Berlin Wall in its former complexity.
The VR artwork allows this now vanished structure to speak of the emotions and conflicts it engendered and represented in the past.

As in a 3D computer game, users can wander along the Wall – not in the role of the omnipotend border guard, gun in hand, but in the role of a normal Berlin resident who must live day in and day out with the presence of the Wall.

Tamiko Thiel and Teresa Reuter are the primary collaborators on the artist team T+T and the designers of the virtual wall exhibition.
Their work crosses the boundaries not only of art, design and technology, but also of politics, history and culture.

Tamiko Thiel, an American VR (virtual reality) artist living in Munich, internationally known for her use of VR technology to create socially critical artworks.

Teresa Reuter, a Berlin architect and 3D artist with metroGap-Association for Urban Theory and Practice, whose work is strongly influenced by years of experience living with the Wall and dealing with the urban development of Berlin since the fall oft the Wall.

Call for further information: +1 323 5253388

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