Hayward & Winner Ave
Baltimore, Maryland


The Police
Smashing Pumpkins
The Beastie Boys

More bands to follow.

Official Website: http://www.virginfestival.com/2007/index.html

Added by klingerf on April 4, 2007



I'm looking to buy tickets and head down myself. I'm 21/m from Boston and I'm gonna be going with my girlfriend. Does anyone know what the deal is with staying over night? Can you pitch a tent at the venue or would I need to stay in a hotel?


Jesus this show is going to be awesome! I cant wait!


don;t know bout a tent...hostel is your best bet


Isn't Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals going to be playing at this event?


hello! i'm a female/23 from miami. i will be going to this show for sure! i've been saving all my money. but i dont know anybody that will be there. so if you want some cool ass company shoot me an email.

Arirang Princess

Baltimore doesn't have hostels like NY. I would suggest going to one of the hotels around here. I live in Baltimore and if you need any info or help finding anything, feel free to email me at [email protected].

:0) Hope to see you all there!!!


Newsflash! We are excited to report that the Baltimore Hostel is open for individuals and groups effective July 1! Congratulations to all the volunteers for the many hours of tireless efforts that led to this milestone! To make reservations, please contact our Baltimore Hostel Manager at [email protected].
Welcome. The historic building at 17 West Mulberry Street in Baltimore is accepting guests from July 1, 2007 following extensive renovations. Friends of Baltimore Hostel, a volunteer group, is always looking for new people to join our efforts in whatever way they can, however large or small, long-term or temporary.


I'm commin from michigan and 3 people pulled out, gonna stay in a motel 6 near the race couse, have a parking pass, anyone wanna split the cost??? email [email protected]


i live across from the race track and if u need somewhere to park $15 an hour ill be there to see the hot drunk guys ............................................................................AWESOME!!!!!!!!


I'm 20/female coming all the way from TN for this! it is going to be so awesome. Hotel tips anyone?


so my friend backed out as well and I'm wondering if people who are coming solo wanna meet up and bunk in some motel on Friday and Saturday nights...should be more fun that way if we can get a good group and chill out. I am heading down from New York. please post on the forum and tell me what you think.


I am really excited about the show, I have a ticket for both days. I had some friends back out of going with me looking for some people to travel up with (I live in southern Maryland) or meet there. [email protected]


I'm so excited about this show!! I just decided to back out of some other plans I had for this weeekend and just ordered my ticket on Saturday. I finally found a hotel room at the motel 6 and I got my amtrak reservations. I can't find anyone else to come with me since it's last minute but hopefully I'll meet some people there whatever I'm just so freaking excited to go!!


My cousin and I will be attending this year. We had a great time last year. My only regret was not dancing in the Tent. My goal is to make time to shake it this time around ! I am so ready for this show.

Arirang Princess

Hey, nurseve.... you went last year - do you remember how the parking worked out? I am coming from Dundalk and am kinda worried that I am going to pay out the ass to park there.


Hello Princess. I remember that we parked in this huge lot on site and paid like 20 bucks when we got there. This year my cousin is driving and she got a 2 day parking pass. I am not sure how it will work this time though as far as location goes. Sorry.

biggieCal IsThe illest

Hey I'm heading up from bmore for the vfest, looking to meet up with some chill peeps to check out the show with.. shoot me a message


I'm heading up from richmond, I think alot of my friends are backing out now so if anyone wants to chill let me know. [email protected]


Anyone know about the Saturday night Home Turn after party?


My wife and I will be coming from Dallas...we're not going to know anyone else there, so if there's any 30 somethings that will be sort of cooling out drop me a line! And see you at the Pumpkins!!!!!