125,Gloucester Road
Brighton, England BN1 4AF

This is the second in our season of web based workshops. Due to the growing number of Vine members - we have had to move to a larger venue, who have unfortunately had to charge us for the use of their facilities. Therefore we regretably are charging a £3 entrance fee for this event.

We have invited guest speaker Andy Budd along to talk about "Getting the Perfect Website" -

Every year millions of websites are commissioned by organisations large and small. The task of running these projects is often left to an already overworked manager with little or no experience of the web. Unfortunately many of these websites fail for preventable reasons, costing the company a lot of time and money, not to mention lost business. The purpose of this talk is to provide those tasked with setting up and running a website everything they need to know in order for it to be success.

Commissioning a design agency can feel like a mine field, so this session will help explain the right and wrong way to go about selecting design and development partners.

We'll explore -

- How the web works in a friendly and non-technical manner, allowing you to make the best choices for your site. Technical jargon will be defined as we progresses, allowing you to understand what designers mean when they talk about site maps, interfaces or CSS.

- How a typical web project is structured and how it can be kept on track, on time and on budget.

- What happens after a site is launched and how to ensure it continues to be a success.

Official Website: http://www.vinebrighton.co.uk

Added by Sarah Bird on October 3, 2007