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New Year’s Eve 2013 is going to be a great celebration! There are many places to celebrate the New Year and a lot of methods of doing so. You may opt to go out clubbing or you may decide to go out to dinner. Some people even spend this festive night indoors, at home with the family. If you have decided to spend your New Year’s Eve in New York, you should check out Village Pourhouse! This is a diverse bar that is located in the downtown NYC area.

The staff and owners of Village Pourhouse will pull out all the stops for the New Year’s celebration. This establishment not only has great drinks, but also an array of food and excellent services. At Village Pourhouse you will be treated to a never before experienced bar experience. There is nothing that is even remotely comparable to a night out at the Village Pourhouse. Can you imagine the atmosphere of this already exciting place on a night as busy and electrifying as New Year’s Eve?

Village Pourhouse’s New Year’s Eve event will start at 8pm. You will be allowed entry, provided you purchase a ticket, and immediately served by the eager and awaiting staff. There will be a great celebration at Village Pourhouse, one you have not yet had the joy to experience. Excellent music, drinks, and service will combine to express all Village Pourhouse has to offer. You will be captivated by the diverse NYC party crowd and multiple opportunities for lifelong memories. It all begins with their open bar and ends with a champagne toast and happy smiles. Village Pourhouse creates endless joy.


Official Website: http://newyearsplans.com/events/new-york/village-pourhouse-downtown-new-years-eve/

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