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An evening of hands-on cooking to learn how Vietnamese cooks manipulate the grain into a multitude of forms.
Rice is the foundation of the Vietnamese diet and culture. While a bowl of plain boiled rice is the base of many meals, the versatile grain is also ground into flour, steamed into cakes, and fermented into wine and vinegar. From crisp, savory crackers to sweet, silken custards, rice takes on endless textures and flavors.

Join Vietnamese food experts and cooking teachers Andrea Nguyen and Thy Tran for an engaging evening of hands-on learning. We’ll explore the history, essential ingredients, and cooking methods of Vietnamese cuisine. Over snacks and beverages, we’ll start with a lively discussion of Oryza sativa in the Vietnamese culinary tradition. Then, Andrea and Thy will guide you in preparing a treasure trove of rice dishes. Irresistible sweets featuring rice will complete the menu.

At the end of this event, Andrea will be signing copies of her cookbook, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen (Ten Speed Press). Proceeds from the sale will help raise funds for the Aqua Terra Slow Food Convivium.


Vegetarian lotus stem salad (goi ngo sen)
Marinated silverfish salad with garlic and fresh herbs (goi ca)
Sesame rice crackers (banh da)
Shrimp chips (banh phong tom)

Rice paper hand rolls with a variety of fillings and dipping sauces (cuon)
Steamed rice pancakes with shrimp and scallion oil (banh beo)
Sizzling rice crepes with lettuce, fresh herbs, and tangy dipping sauce (banh xeo)

Sticky rice dumplings filled with mung bean in ginger syrup (banh troi nuoc)
Coconut and rice cakes (banh dua)

Vietnamese beer (bia)
Fresh limeade (soda chanh)
Salty plum limeade (soda chanh xi muoi)

* If you’d like to contribute wine to the festivities, sauvignon blancs and roses will pair perfectly with this menu.

Attendance is limited to 50 people. To register, visit:

For information on Andrea Nguyen and Thy Tran, visit their respective websites at www.vietworldkitchen.com and www.wanderingspoon.com

Official Website: http://www.BrownPaperTickets.com/event/15199

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