216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101


Quartet show with Alex Wong, Dina Maccabee, and Jessica Ivry.

Part of the By The Sound Concert Series.

Vienna Teng, with thirteen years of classical training under her belt, brings a very personal, unique perspective to the singer-songwriter idiom. Her music tends to the intimate and introspective, but along with influences such as Paul Simon, Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, her style gains character from diverse inspirations like vintage bebop jazz, late 19th century classical and Radiohead. Pressed for a description of her music, she says: "It's somewhere between folk music and pop music. Maybe chamber folk, since it involves classical instruments at times."

In Teng's appearance here last year, The Triple Door's intimate Mainstage proved to be the perfect venue for her: Steinway D piano, superb sound to capture every nuance, elegant lighting to heighten atmosphere, all in service to a young artist with an ever-deepening story to tell.

Official Website: http://viennateng.com/tour/?start-date=2008-09-04&end-date=2008-09-04&open=no

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