136 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, California 02115

The haunting, ethereal music of youthful Bay Area singer, songwriter and pianist Vienna Teng has been turning ears in the music world since the release of her debut album Waking Hour (Virt Records) last fall. A synthesis of pop, folk, rock, and world beat, her compositions range from simple piano ballads with pristine vocals to lush, multi-layered landscapes. Midway through an education in classical piano that began when she was five years old, Vienna found herself being drawn to improvisation and the world of her own imagination. She began to develop her keen instinct for composition and her impressive talent for writing lyrics that express the magic that lies beneath the surface of the everyday world. Vienna's mesmerizing music and captivating live performances have won her critical acclaim, as well as appearances on NPR's Weekend Edition and Late Night with David Letterman.

Added by littleyellowdifferent on October 29, 2003



I just heard an MP3 of her song "Gravity" and no less than two hours later, I'm obsessed to find out when she's next performing in the Bay Area. Turns out she went to Stanford and worked at Cisco as an engineer before she became a singer/songwriter (!!!)

I'm sold.