150 Folsom
San Francisco, California 94105

From Wikipedia: "Machinima (pronounced /məˈʃiːnəmə/ or /məˈʃɪnəmə/), a portmanteau of machine cinema, is a collection of associated production techniques whereby computer-generated imagery (CGI) is rendered using real-time, interactive 3-D engines, such as those of games, instead of professional 3D animation software. Engines from first-person shooter and role-playing simulation video games are typically used. "

Our presenters this month are creative experts in the production of machinima.

:: Michael Verdi - videoblogger, machinima director and Creative Director at Millions of Us.

"I'll talk about the distributed production workflow and the collaborative possibilities of two projects - What Is Scion City? and Passage to Zohng Fu."

:: Charles Lawrence, dba Geuis Lawrence in SL

"Charles will demonstrate the use of Filming Path, the machinimator's universal tool, in creating machinima in Second Life."

:: Misha Antonich, machinima curator

"Misha will present a couple notable machinima works, This Spartan Life created by Bong + Dern and Game:ON by Ethan Vogt. This Spartan Life is a tragic live talk show hosted in Halo 2. Game:ON is a live action and machinima hybrid short shot in HD and animated using the Unreal Engine."

6:30 :: doors, shmooze, drink
7:30 :: presentations
8:30 :: open video: 5 minutes to show us your thing

Video Salon Redux is a monthly real world gathering of online media hackers, video artists, filmmakers, serialists, metaverse dwellers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, collaborators, co-conspirators and anyone else interested in the evolving landscape of internet based visual media. VSR is one part curated presentations, one part open show-n-tell and a very healthy dose of networking and cross-pollination (where the real magic happens).

VSR is co-produced by Michael O'Rourke (D7TV.com) and Eddie Codel (eddie.com / geekentertainment.tv) and is kindly hosted at Dimension 7 Studios in downtown San Francisco. If you are interested in presenting at a future VSR, please contact one of us.

Official Website: http://videosalon.wordpress.com/

Added by eddie on January 17, 2008



Michael Verdi confirmed? Rumor is he's out of town...


Verdi is out of town but he's gonna present remotely. Skype or something. It'll still be great!


Hey all. We're going to postpone this event until next month. It turns out with the heavy rains and low turnout expectations that it would be better to reschedule during the week of the Game Developer's Conference. When we have an exact date nailed down, I'll update it here. Thanks for understanding!


Good thing I was disorganized & came back to this page to look up the address, before the drive from San Jose! Ouch! :)


We're back on for Feb. 21. GDC week!!


*sigh* GDC week is exactly when I'm triple-booked :(


Excited that I'm in town for this! I get to do it person.


Just added, Misha is screening This Spartan Life and Game:ON.


I've missed the Scion Pro/Con billboards and mega-bus graphics recently. Looking forward to learning more about Scion City.


I'm in town for the GDC this week - would love to make it out if I can find the time.


Looking forward to this ...


I won't be able to get there until about 8:15. Hopefully, not too late.


Enric: not too late at all. presentations don't actually start until 7:30 and will go on for a good hour and a half.