150 Folsom
San Francisco, California 94105

VIDEO RIOT! Returns Wednesday October 8th. Last October, a group of video and light-art enthusiasts SWAT-teamed a SOMA parking lot using only what they referred to as "weapons of mass projection".

This year, VIDEO RIOT! will again showcase San Francisco's homegrown Vj community in a format that is a cross between an edgy electronic tailgate party and a real-time drive-in multiplex. Artists will join forces to create a massive outdoor wall of light just off the Embarcadero.

The response to last year's event was much greater than we could have anticipated. People came out of the woodwork to show their stuff and take part in the event. Even more impressive was the small army of volunteers that worked for days to make sure everything was ready to go at 8pm. It's not easy to transform an empty parking lot into a 20+ projector venue in less than 45 minutes!

This year, the RIOT! Again corresponds with the week of the Transcinema festival, and serves as the Video Salon community's big yearly show. It also happens to be the night after the recall election (unless it really is postponed), so we expect a lot of political art up on the screens.

All video projection and light based artists are encouraged to come, and can show if they have their own projector and gear. A certain number of projectors and video suites will be set up, and time on those will be given to volunteers working the event…This is a great way to get involved and have a chance to show your stuff.

Video RIOT! 2 will be held at an "undisclosed" outdoor location near the Dimension7 studios (150 Folsom St, at Spear).

Added by Michael O'Rourke on September 24, 2003