1965 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia



..To roar; rage
..To speak wildly, irrationally, or incoherently
..An all-night dance event, especially one where
techno, house, or other electronically synthesized
music is played at an excessively high volume for the
precise duration of time in which reason is replaced
with endorphin and a repetitious exchange of one
fabricated reality for another occurs within the
limbic system.
..A raucous party

This September 30th, its a Video-Blim Fundraiser.

Featuring an eclectic mix of dance/ambient music from
both hard-hitting all-stars in the dance scene as well
as sound musicians and performers of a different drum.
Join us for an all night dance party featuring:

the visual nuances of:
The Neglectful 440 Hysterian Visuals Experience, Bunny
Soldier + Humdinger & more!!

two rooms of live performance and dj mixing with:

21:00 open mix

22:00 Flatgrey dub
22:35 Pellucid idm/cut up house
23:10 Kenny Roux low frequency techniques
23:45 DigiHorse drum machine assault
00:20 SubtractiveLAD live ambient
00:55 Vlan high energy
01:30 Spark up beat mash
02:05 The Baboon Torture Division industrial techno
02:40 [othr] afro-industrial

22:00 Bass Emperor (d7gn [aka deseptagon] + drastik
adhesive force) slow and low
23:00 Taal Mala dancehall raga dubstep
23:50 Sphaera disco-psych
00:50 Vincent Parker punk electronica
01:40 Evilbear (Kuma v Ladyeve) raucous

for those unaware:

Video-Blim is a quarterly event programmed by Blim and
hosted by Video-In. Each event is thematic, drawing on
various local talent and encouraging dynamic
performance. All funds raised are to support Blim and
Video-In further develop an atmosphere of creativity
within Vancouver.

Added by squarewithin on September 6, 2006