1965 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Blim and Video-In Studios present:

Video-Blim: POP!

@ Video In: 1965 Main St.

Pop music… Popular music… A flexible category… Involves mass marketing and consumer-driven efforts by major record companies… Important mediator of youth culture… The source of numerous moral panics… Gateways to sin… Drug use, teen pregnancy, and violence… Hopelessness… Lesbian experimentation amongst teenage girls [Wikipedia]…

Join us at Video-In for a night of local POP music, performance, and video art and help raise fun for Blim and Video-In.

Featuring happy fuzzy sing-songs of joy and bliss by:
Greenbelt Collective / The Animal Lovers / Collapsing Opposites / Mimi's Ami / Chrisariffic / Scing Red Brambles Barass Trio / The Anerobics / Kellarissa (former member of p:ano)

Funny sunny blitzes of juicy install/performance by:
jray / Bunny Soldier / Sachiyo Takahashi / jackie apple

And swirling loops of shared synthetic pleasure by:
Free Bryan Adams / Dan & Darwin

Call 604 872 8180 or [email protected] for more info.

Official Website: http://blim.ca/#jan20

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