46 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Not your ordinary happy hour. Come take credit for something you didn't do, like invent the internet! We'll pretend you did and toast in your honor.

Early comers get to claim the more epic achievements. If you come late, you may be left with "Won the regional snail racing competition in 4th grade" ... yeah, you're cool now.

PHOTO STATION VICTORY. Achievements are accomplished in teams, so meet the rest of your teammates and IMMORTALIZE your victory at the PHOTO STATION with pictures of pure winning. (Photo Station by Steven Simonetti of http://thewerehaus.com/)

REPPIFY'S Score is like a credit score, but for reputation. We're building an open web reputation system, but really, we just want to recognize you for the absurd achievement that you didn't actually do.


BRING YOUR HIGH-FIVES and prepare to give them out like candy because it's Springtime in the best city in the world, and you all ROCK!

Help us out by coming up with epic achievements in the comments below.

This is an open event, so invite your friends!


Official Website: http://bit.ly/victoryhour

Added by Reppify on May 21, 2010

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