Hathersage Rd
Manchester, England

A private tour around the Victoria Baths for us pesky flickr photographers so that we don't get in the way of everyone else on the afternoon tour.
Need a minimum of 10 people......£4 each.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/19134572%40N00/discuss/72157600008902982/

Added by th3g on March 28, 2007



Oh, and Tea and biscuits can be booked in advance for another £1.

I suppose I ought to mention this now, there are no disabled loos there, and if anyone has any mobility issues then can they post or send me a flickr mail so that I can let the Baths know - not all of the building is wheelchair accessible at the moment and so they can adapt the tour to suit a group with anyone in a wheelchair, etc. Thanks.


Tea and biscuits! This rocks!!


I wasn't quite sold until tea and biscuits were mentioned!! ;-)


me (+1) + tea + biscuits = :)


I've just discovered that I actually have a rehearsal from 10-3 that Sunday. Bummer.


Me + Traditional english tea + 1 sugar + a smattering of milk (semi-skimmed)
Ta very much


ncb is also attending!


me + lots of tea and 3 sugars in each ;)


Looking forward to this tremendously and more than happy to part with tea & biscuit money!


Went on the general tour yesterday and it was interesting, but am really looking forward to getting back on the private tour as there were shots I missed by being rushed, and others that I couldn't get due to the crowds. Also, then part of the area I'd love to shoot was cordoned off to allow the work, and there are some suggestions (though nothing definite) that on the private tour we may get more of a chance to see this before it's refurbed.


Agreed, the private tour looks as though it could be more interesting. Hope the hard hat area is as fascinating as the non hat area.... LOL


OH - can I bring a friend?


Definately, more the merrier. I need to confirm the numbers before the 15th, so will ask for confirmation of numbers then.

Cost will be £5 including tea and biccies.


Me! I'm up for it!

(and I promise I'll turn up this time!)

Plus maybe my other half.


Oh - I'm bringing two folks with me..... so there's three of me at the mo......


Wish I could come to this but unfortantley it clashes with the other plans I got laid for that afteroon :(

I'll try and come to the one on the 6th though :)


Coolio, I would love to come. If the Redeye thing is boring, I might well join you. Thanks for the heads up, bitrot! Biscuits, hmmm?


tea for me too please. hurrah!


So what's the plan, what time are we meeting? do we have to meet before 11?


I'm coming - hopefully it's not too late!! I was hesitating over not being able to afford it - but screw that, I'll lend some money off someone if I'm skint.

Me + Tea, please.


Well, that was a cracker. A job well done everyone! :-)