70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

"It's not your grandfather's variety show. Vicious Vaudeville is an all out extravaganza that includes some magic, some music and some... stripping."- Village Voice

Vicious Vaudeville is a variety show with an edge. Come by for an unforgetable evening of Burlesque, Sideshow, Magic and Contortion like you have never seen before. Award winning and world record holding performers will dance, tie themselves in knots, take off their clothes, be locked up, risk their lives and insert objects into their orafices ALL FOR YOU!!!

$10 at the door. $8.50 if you rsvp with you name to [email protected]

The Members of Vicious Vaudeville:
Jared is an escape artist, sideshow performer and a magician. His act is comprised of classic sideshow and magic effects treated with his own twisted spin and unique presentation. With an arsenal of restraints, cards, pointy things, and lollypops (?) he will make you want to close your eyes and watch closer all at the same time!

Pete (The Human Floor):
Pete is one of the strangest performers you will ever see; the ultimate routine of audience participation, he will invite every female in the audience to stand on him. Sounds strange? Well trust me it is one of the most incredible and unforgettable things you will ever see. He has performed for Opie and Anthony's Virus Tour, with Adult Film Star Katie Morgan on HBO and he currently holds the world record for having the most women stand on him, totalling over two-thousand pounds!

Machete is a Boston based burlesque dancer, and member of the troupe "The Babes in Boinkland". She has displayed her talents at venues in MA, RI & NY. She opened the show at the first Great Boston Burlesque Expo, is a regular at the Jerkus Circus variety with the Steamy Bohemians, and opened for, and performed onstage with, Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Machete’s performance style is “sometimes funny, sometimes evil, but always crazy!”

Harley Dear is a woman of many talents. After her Grammy-winning album that combined elements of Jazz and the Afterlife, "The Occultrane," Harley ghost-wrote several books about a young boy learning wizardry (Ms. Rowling's lawyers ask the book not be identified). She is also the five time winner of Murray Hill's Miss Galapagazanga Amateur Burlesque, a regular performer at the Duplex, and a resident artist with Luvley Rae's Spice Variety show.

The Man Who Will Eat Anything
Brett Loudermilk is what the sideshow world calls "A human Ostrich", basically meaning that he will eat anything. He will turn your stomach as he makes a meal of inedible and creepy crawly things and then blow you away with his mastery of the incredibly dangerous skill of eating genuine broken glass. This is the sort of unique and amazing act that you will only get to see once in your life time, don't miss it.

Lucy Buttons
Lucy Buttons, "the Queen of Rock n Roll Burlesque" has quickly become a staple on the NYC burlesque circuit. Her dance based take on the classic bump and grind, mixed with rock and roll classics is like no other. She has been seen in Time Out New York, Go NYC, and US Weekly when she danced for celebrities such as Kevin Federline, Ashley Parker Angel, Constantine, and Ivan Kane. In 2007 she took her burly ways back to her hometown selling out both shows, causing quite the stir, and barely escaping arrest 3 times in a mere 24 hours for burlesque related offenses. Now she has returned to NYC with even more tricks up her sparkly sleeves. Also a talented singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer in other disciplines, this lady is quickly moving in on her ultimate goal... taking over the world! Don't miss out, check out myspace.com/lucybuttons. Photo by: Charles Beckwith

This Ambitious Orchestra
This Ambitious Orchestra (20 members!) is New York's only ensemble dedicated to bringing punk rock spunk back to classical music, and virtuosity back to rock and roll. Our mission is to be the first orchestra to play rock music AS rock music.

Comedian Mike Reardon
Micheal Reardon is an Improv/Standup comedian from Boston MA with a skewed view of the world around him.He is currently performing his act all around NYC. When he is not performing he enjoys getting rip shit drunk at his favorite Irish Pub.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/viciousvaudeville

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