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Vertical Search

What is vertical search? It is search focused on a specific vertical. Vertical search engines mine data for one specific niche of the market place - for example, travel, jobs, hotels, music, movies, and even health care. As web sites and data proliferate, the task of locating specific information gets tougher. Vertical search engines provide an efficient way to get to that information.

Verticals are very different from domain specific portals which are usually product placement vehicles for vendors. VSEs organize all niche-specific information and present it in a manner that is simple to use and easy to consume. Vertical search engines can also offer advertisers a more focused ad platform. Advertisers are able to target their messages more precisely to their audience versus a broad message with regular search engines. Thus, LookSmart has been changing its focus from a regular search engine to a search company focused on verticals - 181 verticals to be exact!

Come hear from the next generation of search pioneers and how they plan to exploit this opportunity!

Suranga Chandratillake, Founder & CTO, Blinkx
Has more than seven years of frontline experience as a technology innovator. Suranga has out-innovated and pre-empted Google, Microsoft and Yahoo since blinkx's inception. As blinkx's CTO, Suranga has developed the world's most comprehensive video search engine and world firsts including Smart Folders, integrated Web and desktop search, and desktop search for Mac.

Gautam Godhwani, President, Simply Hired
Is a leading entrepreneur in the software and internet industry. Having founded three ventures in the last eight years, Gautam is well experienced in starting startups and finding great people to help grow them. Gautam is currently CEO and co-founder of Simply Hired, a search engine for jobs. Prior to Simply Hired. Before that, he was CEO and co-founder of AtWeb, an Internet 1.0 acquired by Netscape/AOL in 1998.

Online registration for members $5 and non-members $15. On-site registration for members $10 and non-members $20.

Official Website: http://www.webguild.org

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