4695 Telegraph Ave at 47th st
Oakland, California 94609

Contact: Beth Cohen
510 597 1084
Turn Your Kitchen Waste into Gardening Gold
Free Worm Composting Workshop
Sunday, May 3 from 12 - 2pm
at the East Bay Depot for Creative Re-use, Oakland

The Bay-Friendly Gardening program is teaching people to look at their kitchen waste—fruit and vegetable trimmings—as a resource as valuable as dollar bills.

Join us for a free Worm Composting workshop this weekend, and discover an amazing resource in your own backyard. The hands-on and user friendly workshop will take place from 12-2 pm this Sunday, May 3rd at:
The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-use, in Oakland
4695 Telegraph Ave at 47th st

With ordinary kitchen trimmings, home composters can make a free soil booster. Using homemade vermicompost will cut down on the amount of fertilizer and water we need to use on our soils. Vermicompost makes soil more fertile and helps gardens and lawns become healthy and lush. Putting kitchen waste back into your garden means you’ll have to put fewer dollar bills into it.

Vermicomposting is easy. Practically anyone can learn to vermicompost by following some basic steps, taught in the Program’s free vermicomposting workshops. Give a worm box about 2 months and get back a crumbly, sweet smelling vermicompost that looks and feels like soil. Done right, a worm box will smell good and break down quickly.

All in all, home composting is one of the best ways that people can save money on garden maintenance. It’s good for the environment, good for your garden, and easy to do.

For more information and workshop directions, call the compost information hotline: 510/444-SOIL.
The Bay-Friendly Gardening program offers many free and low-cost services to county residents, including: the Bay-Friendly Garden tour, free how-to workshop series, discount compost bins and worm boxes, free how-to video and brochures, and the Master Composter Class.
Bay-Friendly Gardening is a project of StopWaste.Org.

WHAT: Free Vermicomposting Workshop

WHEN: Sunday, May 3 from 12-2pm

WHERE: The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-use, Oakland
4695 Telegraph Ave at 47th st
WHO: Free and open to the public

HOW: Workshop is outdoors, unless it rains, then just inside the Center.

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