Via della Lungara 233
Rome, Lazio

Ideas, expertise and testimonials to build a Venture Capital ecosystem.

VentureCamp is a BarCamp, an unconference, dedicated to Venture Capital. From experiences in the USA to innovation funding needs in Italy, we'll speak directly with Venture Capitalists, first generation entrepreneurs, and people from both countries.

You are all invited to contribute. Come and discover what's right, and what's wrong, about Venture Capital.

Together, we'll try to understand if this model is a real opportunity to boost the Italian economy, and learn how to be prepared for new opportunities.

Is networking changing markets and the geography of opportunities? What about resources, culture, expertise and skills are needed to approach Venture Capital challenges. Is knocking on the door and presenting your own project enough? Is there a future for first generation entrepreneurship or serial entrepreneurship in Italy? Come and ask your questions.

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