1922 Broadway
Oakland, California

This has been confirmed now as being at Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, (the webpage lists the address as 1933 Broadway, fwiw, not 1922 as Upcoming has it, but it's all on one big block anyway).

VS's Myspace tour page: http://collect.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bandprofile.listAllShows&friendid=4809012&n=venetian+snares

No details yet on buying tix or cost.

Official Website: http://sonicliving.com/event/962549/Venetian_Snares_Otto_Von_Schirach_Cyru

Added by mikl on October 12, 2008



The link has been updated, saying that it is actually happening at Sweets Ballroom in Oakland:
I'll edit the details to reflect that


Oh yeah, except I also realized that I have a show that night myself and can't go. Unawesome!!!