1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York City, New York 10019

Running around trying to keep up with everyone on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and the rest of the Social Web?

Pull over at the next stop. Take a break. Vemma is setting up a new station to fuel you and the rest of the TechSet at Affiliate Summit in New York.

It’s time for another TechSet Blogger Lounge...

Join hosts Stephanie Agresta and Brian Solis as we collaborate and celebrate how far we’ve traveled and navigate where we’re going next.  Veema has outfitted the lounge with everything we need to work and play, and along with Stephanie and Brian, there will be more than enough energy to keep bloggers and affiliates techsetting around the Web.

For those looking for a great example of Social Media in action, make sure to connect with the Vemma team. They’ll share everything they’re doing to build buzz, stay top of mind, and spark conversations without having to maintain a retail presence for their awesome energy drinks.

Vemma is a privately-owned business in Scottsdale, Arizona that manufactures and distributes Verve, Shot and the newly released Vemma NEXT.

Added by briansolis on July 28, 2009