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Navigating the M&A Sale Process is a two-part series designed to provide practical insights for entrepreneurs, executives and VCs on how to prepare their companies for each stage of the M&A sale process.

Amidst the recent turmoil on Wall Street and the continuing challenges of accessing the public markets, the M&A sale process remains the most viable growth and liquidity alternative for many emerging companies. Given the fast-paced, all-consuming and disruptive nature of the M&A sale process, preparing your team for a successful outcome should begin well in advance of "a transaction arriving at your door-step."

With a focus on providing real-world practical advice and take-home planning and reference materials, this series will provide you both a game plan for approaching the M&A sale process and the practical insights and perspectives of seasoned M&A deal professionals (including attorneys, investment bankers, venture capitalists and tax/accounting advisers), C-level executives who have lived through recent M&A sales and in-house deal teams from major serial acquirers.

Session 1: January 22, 2009 - Let's Make A Deal

This session will first provide an overview of the current M&A landscape and then address topics preparatory to the M&A sale process, including:

* How periodic corporate maintenance, pursuing simple IP protection strategies and properly structuring your financing and employee compensation arrangements can make your company a more attractive target;
* How picking your outside transaction team of bankers, lawyers and accountants can help or hinder your process;
* How to protect your confidential information through effective NDAs;
* How to negotiate a letter of intent;
* How to prepare your board to satisfy its fiduciary duties in the process;
* Alternative deal structures;
* Typical timetables and gating items; and
* Risk allocation trade-offs in negotiating deal terms and definitive agreements.

Advance: $75 member, $85 affliate, $125 general; $10 add'l if at door. Both events: $120-195.

Official Website: http://www.VCTaskForce.com

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