30-31 North Street
Brighton, England BN1 1EB

Most developers want the best possible performance from their code. Inspired by the idea of "proof by contradiction" this talk looks at how to write slow code and how the .NET platform, Windows and the processor will try and sabotage your efforts. A variety of techniques for inefficient coding will be covered including:

- Flow control with Exceptions
- Abusing Threads
- Misuse of the Heap

It's one man against some of the brightest minds in Redmond, seeking an answer to the question "How Slow Can It Go?"

BEN LAMB is your presenter for this event, Ben has been writing business applications since the days of Visual Basic 2.0. During the dot-com era he had a brief foray into web development helping to write the UK's first online hotel reservation system, LeisureHunt, and developed geo-location services for a 3G mobile phone company. Realising that .NET was his platform of choice he now writes financial trading systems for investment banks in the City with occasional diversions into Python, Open Source and other interesting technologies.

Please arrive from 18.00 ready for 18.30 start.

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