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In these two presentations we will show you how the forthcoming LINQ technology stack in C# 3.0 will change the way you program.

LINQ will change how you write queries for ever

In this presentation we show you how you can use LINQ to query data in a type safe and elegant manner. We will look both at in-memory query expressions and LINQ for SQL and LINQ for XML. We will not be covering the new language features of C# 3.0 in depth, but will have brief explanation where they help explain what we are doing. The focus instead is on writing query expressions.

Next generation data access

It seems that MS like to change how we access our data on a regular basis. This presentation will look at the forthcoming changes in LINQ for SQL and LINQ to entities and how the new data access approach build on but are radically different from the old world of SqlCommand. We will also look at how you should be using these new technologies and how they fit with practices like domain driven design and test-driven development.

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