1695 Polk Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94109

This Wednesday At Wide Hive's SCOUT



MCs Announced for next SCOUT:

This Wednesday, May 11th, 10 pm
The Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk Street, San Francisco

Celsius 7 and Spidey of Psychokinetics (Psychokinetics.com)
Mic Blake and HoFlow (Bopcity/Alphabet Soup)
All four MCs from Felonius: One Love Hip Hop

               D.Wolf, Soulati, A kid named Keith, and Infinite

All three MCs from The Greans

                Oposit, Cold Showda, and King Solomon

The Genie-scratch guitar (thegeniemusic.com)

Special Guests TBA


W h e n: Every Wednesday in May and June, 2005

W h e r e: Red Devil Lounge, 1695 Polk Street, San Francisco

T i m e: 9-10 pm Cubik and Origami, 10-12 pm SCOUT

This week's SCOUT promises to be an incredible event. Celcius 7, Mic Blake, HoFlow, D. Wolf, Soulati, A kid named Keith, Infinite, Julian Martinez, Oposit, The Genie, and Proficy are all scheduled to perform.

The SCOUT May 4, 2005 Show Featured: D.U.S.T., Kiwi, Baba Israel, Each, The Nucc, Jaw Prophetic, Shania D., and Phoenix Normand. See photos from the show at here.

SCOUT is a series of nine recorded live performances featuring the Wide Hive label collective Variable Unit and opener Cubik and Origami. Pre-registered MCs and vocalists will perform self-written raps, compositions and songs backed by Variable Unit. Each evening, the hopefuls performances will be recorded at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco by a separated audio system. At the end of the series, Wide Hive Records will chose the best performances for a Fall 2005 release entitled Variable Unit - SCOUT. The release will be available on both CD and LP formats.

Variable Unit's line up for SCOUT (DJ Quest: Turntable, Thomas McCree: Drums, Matt Montgomery: Bass, Jacob Elijah Againsky: Keys, D.U.S.T: Vocal, Gregory Howe: Production) is the core behind the VU releases Mayhemystics OutBreaks, VU: Mayhemystics and VU: Handbook for the Apocalypse. The members of VU are highly regarded collectively, however, all of the artists also have independent recognition.

SCOUT is Gregory Howe's seventh production for VU and his eleventh production for Wide Hive Records. He co-produced DJ Zeph I (CMJ #1) and Phil Ranelin's Inspiration, and is additionally known as the primary artist behind the critically acclaimed dissent.

For more information visit:http://www.widehive.com/scout.html

Wide Hive records is a Hip-Hop,alternative, downtempo and jazz label based out of San Francisco, California, with distribution world-wide. Members of the Wide Hive Family include: Calvin Keys, Phil Ranelin, Variable Unit, dissent, Cubik and Origami, Plate Fork Knife Spoon, and DJ Quest.

For interviews, photos, or more information about Wide Hive artists, please contact:
Lisa Rein, [email protected] - (415) 282-9433.

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