420 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Since the inception of the computer graphical user interface, icons have played an essential role in shaping our experience with digital technology. These small symbols are pervasive in most of our on-screen environments. From mobile phones to enterprise software, icons are an effective way to communicate complex ideas and help users navigate and interact with technology. They can contribute to the success of a product by making interfaces more appealing, intuitive and usable. Conversely, they can also contribute to confusion and hinder a user from achieving their goals with the product.

This talk will explore the icon design process and the goal of creating effective icons that enhance the user experience and increase the quality of your products. Through case studies for companies such as AOL, IBM Rational Software, Plantronics, and Yahoo, Mike will share with you some challenges and insights for creating icons in the different interface environments.

Find more info about this event at VanUE web site.

Official Website: http://www.vanue.com/

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There will be another UX cocktail hour after the event:

What: Second Monthly Vancouver UX Cocktail Hour

When: Thursday, May 18, 7:15 pm

Where: Relish Restaurant & Lounge, 888 Nelson St.