515 West Hastings
Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: SFU Downtown Campus, 515 West Hastings, Rooms 1400-1410, Main Floor, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Keith Pleas (Guided Design) will be presenting on the .NET Enterprise Library

Keith is one of the founders of Guided Design and has worked for more than two years on the team developing the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET. Keith is an internationally known writer and speaker and was the Editorial Chair for VSLive 2003. He is also a Contributing Editor to "Visual Studio Magazine" and has developed Microsoft Professional Certification Exams. Keith also serves as an advisor to the INETA board and is the liaison for the INETA Speakers Bureau.

Please note the new location, which I hope people will find more convenient. Our thanks go to SFU?s TIME Centre and INETA (www.ineta.org) for helping to sponsor this event. Also, please note that due to restrictions on bringing food in for events at SFU that pizza and pop will not be served. There will only be a light snack of chilled beverages and biscuits (one each only please). In fact if we continue to meet at this location, unless we can find a sponsor, we may have to eliminate food and beverage entirely. Please accept our apologies. As an INETA Sponsored Event you will be expected to complete their eval form at the event. There will of course be some draw prizes. VANTUG would also like to get feedback on the new arrangements so that we can continue to try and serve you best.

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We only require you to enter your first name, last name and email address (the one that you use for VANTUG please) to register. Also, please ignore any reference to payment (even though it says zero). This was necessary to get the link to work!

Added by brian.leroux on March 28, 2006