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Vanilla Ice (AKA Robert Van Winkle) hit the ground running with his 1990 debut 'To The Extreme,' featuring miilion selling single 'Ice Ice Baby,' incorporating the bassline of the Queen/David Bowie hit 'Under Pressure' and causing a bit of controversy in the process about its use. Overcoming that, Ice's film debut 'Cool as Ice' didn't go very far, leaving him to one-hit wonder status. Taking a few years off, Vanilla Ice issued 'Mind Blowin.' Dispensing with the pop-rap formula of his debut, the rapper adopted the lazy, rolling funk of Cypress Hill, as well as that trio's obsession with pot. The album tanked leaving the rapper no choice but to disappear from sight immediately after its release. With 1998's 'Hard to Swallow,' Ice attempted to reinvent himself as a hardcore, gangsta-styled rapper; again the public wanted no part of it. A similar attempt, 2001's 'Bipolar,' tried to reinvent him as both rapper and rocker, much to the public's general disinterest.

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