304 Victoria Drive (Victoria and Hastings)
Vancouver, British Columbia

Some Vancouver Hackers went to the Last HOPE. There, they viewed many presentations about Hackerspaces, and why EVERY CITY needs to have one. They found that not only did a bunch of US cities had Hackspaces but that Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton all had hackspaces as well.

Finding that the Vancouver Hackers have been slacking, they came back and with the help of other local hackers of various types helped start the Vancouver Hacker Space. Currently, we're seeking people who want to make the new Hackspace a reality.

For more information about Hackerspaces in general, check out HackerSpaces.org


1. Victoria and Hastings Location?
2. Committed Hackers - Can we get everyone who's confirmed to post on the list so we can see where we're at before the next meeting?
3. What is our name?
4. Wiki, Website, and IRC Channel

Hope to see people there.

Joe Bowser

Added by VanBetaEvents on August 18, 2008