800 Robson St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

In June we have Aaron Hilton of CellMap with a presentation on the importance of building mobile applications with a web technology stack. Web services from companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft combined with the improving performance and connectivity of mobile devices have opened the doors for a suite of innovative mashup applications. Join us as Aaron shows us why we want to put Web apps on mobile devices.

About Aaron Hilton:

Aaron Hilton's passion for computer technology ignited at the age of 7 when his dad gave him a book on GW Basic. At age 10 he discovered TurboBasic, Bulletin Board Systems, and 3D graphics and then at 12 it was C/C++. He went on to study computer science at Camosun and UVic while working at Disney, EA, and UVic. Today, as the CTO and a founder of CellMap, his passion continues with a project that focuses on connecting people, places, and events via interactive maps on cell phones.

Sign-up and more info at the VanDev June event page. The event is free and open to all. Join us.

Official Website: http://vandev.org

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