400 - 21 Water St
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1A1

Announcing Vancouver Transit Camp (2007)!

We envision a full-day event for Metro Vancouver to bring people using, loving and geeking over transit together with staff from TransLink, to work together on how we can make it better, easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Transit Camp is inspired by BarCamp, which is powered by participation and focused on a positive, respectful atmosphere. We will hold simultaneous small-group sessions on a self-organized basis around topics of interest to the community, as well as celebrations of transit through user-generated media and articles (music, buttons, t-shirts), photography, illustration and music inspired by transit in Vancouver.

The event is free (donations accepted) and open to the public.

Sign up at the Vancouver Transit Camp website, or send an email to [email protected] letting us know you'd like to come!

The event will be well-documented in the form of blog posts, wiki content, photos, and video for everyone who is unable to attend. Even if that's you, tell a friend and see if they can come!

This celebration and workshop-oriented event is intended to inspire a fresh approach at TransLink in how it serves users and engages with community in order to achieve its organizational goals.

Official Website: http://vancouver.transitcamp.org/

Added by jmv on November 26, 2007