375 Water Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B5C

Come hang-out, meet fellow podcasters from the Vancouver area and have great Steamworks Brewing Co. beer including their Nirvana Nut Brown Ale.

Audio and video recording equipment welcome.

Note: The reservation is under "Vancouver Podcast Meetup".

Official Website: http://www.markblevis.com/meetup-in-vancouver-audio-and-video-recording-welcome/

Added by electricsky on September 19, 2007



Day before my birthday! What's with you doing these meetups around important days for Beck and me, Mark? :p

Dr. Lickalottapus

Mark is secretly stalking you and Rebecca. lol!!

Speaking of stalkers, you guys gotta check out the forum on the Foreskin Radio site, www.foreskinradio.com ...wherein an individual that calls him/herself "Ashley" has been harassing me.

Regarding the meet-up, Adam works that evening but I'll fo shizzle b there. If I don't end up bringing The Fleetwood Mack "Shekky Shabaaz", then I'll bring a former guest with me. Btw, I'm bringing a recording device - if that's cool with you guys.


My woman's birthday is Tuesday so ill be out and about trying to find a gift today - ugh - maybe i should podcast it ;-).