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Vancouver, British Columbia

We’re hitting the road with over $200,000 burning a hole in our pocket, visiting major cities across Western Canada, to introduce ourselves to the next generation of directors, actors, animators, and future Academy Award winners.
-Meet VFS staff to find out how our one-year education has had such a high success rate across twelve different disciplines.
—Discover the true range of experience that all of our professional instructors bring to their programs.
—See the results. You won’t be surprised to learn that the work done by VFS students has led directly to high-level jobs in the industry.
If you want a life-changing experience, join one of the world’s most well-respected entertainment schools, learn from the industry’s best professional instructors, and receive a VFS scholarship to get started…register now at www.vfs.com/Roadshow.

Official Website: http://www.vfs.com/Roadshow