515 West Hastings
Vancouver, British Columbia

The next General Meeting of the Vancouver Fair Copyright
Coalition will be held from 6:30 to 9:00pm on Thursday in Room 1325, at SFU Harbour Centre, 555 West Hastings Street.

MPs will soon be returning to Ottawa and we will begin to formulate the next phase of our strategies to oppose, amend and defeat Bill C-61.

Copyright affects many aspects of our culture, economy and technology. Excessive or inadequate copyright imperils creativity. Bill C-61's positive aspects are strongly overshadowed by it's support for heavy handed restrictions and interference with established practise in many personal and professional spaces.

The Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition is a group of concerned citizens and organizations. We have been meeting with MPs over the summer to discuss Bill C-61, and preparing support documents that articulate some of the problems with the bill.

Official Website: http://faircopy.ca

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