217 Carral St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Ever heard of Akoha? It's a social "game" that involves cards, missions, and "playing it forward". I've got 35 decks to give out and start the adventure, activating your alpha Akoha account with your deck ID. Join us for Decksgiving!

I'm tentatively putting this at the Irish Heather. I need to confirm that they have space for this many beer drinking Internet toting crazies.

Other suggestions for locations welcomed. Beer required :P

Added by bmann on October 29, 2008



Going to be late (very late actually) as I'm doing a project on granville island...


hi B,

I know I'm a broken record but....any chance of a pre-5:30 pickup to accommodate daycare closing time?



If you can't make it to Wednesday but would like to reserve a deck, just leave a comment and you can come by the Bootup Labs office at some point to pick it up.