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Vancouver, British Columbia

17 days of Olympic Games events in and around Vancouver, BC. The web site has details and schedules as the countdown continues; the full event schedule will be announced beginning in 2008.

Note: The venue listed for this event, BC Place Stadium, is the site of the opening and closing ceremonies. The athletic events take place at venues stretching across 120km, from Richmond south of Vancouver to the Whistler resort area north.

For general information on the Olympic movement, see the International Olympic Committee official site.

Official Website: http://www.vancouver2010.com/

Added by donnunn on March 15, 2006



Just wondering, will tickets be hundreds or thousands of dollars? Or tens of thousands?


How bad do you think inflation will be by then?


"Burn money, evict the poor, welcome the World and sell them to Coke & TV".


stupid hippy


I don't owe millions of dollars for a few shitty buildings and a string of over-priced holes in the ground. If I did, you could stand by your stupid comment.


vancity is going to be a major sponsor of the games as well as the legacy work before and after. tell us what you think the credit union should be doing at http://videosonvancity.ning.com


... Evict the poor.. if youre talking about moving the homeless, a lot of them are getting help because of this and the ones that arent will be just as fine out of town as they are in town. If you've a problem with their situation start some donations and get them institutionalized and or evaluated psychiatrically. (My two cents) The olympics are an amazing thing... the pros outweigh the cons in rational thought.


It's never too early to start getting excited for the Olympics. I've started a blog for news about the planning and execution of the Games, check it out:



I hope the olympic organizers are aware of the fact that Air Canada's contract with their unions expire on June 2009, a mere 7 months before the openning of the olympics. AC employees gave up millions in concessions after 9/11 and haven't had a real raise since 2001, so the unions no doubt intend to play "hardball" in those negotiations. I'd be rather embarrassing to say the least to have the "official carrier for the olympics " on strike in 2010....organizers and politicians would be wise to take note!


tres pathetique


just wonderful


Excited about the Game!


Tickets go on sale this fall (Fall, '08). Prices range from 30-775 dollars for each sporting event, depending on which section you sit in, what part of the event you attend, etc. Seating for the opening and closing events run from 175-1000+. Should be noted that a limited amount of tickets (100,000) will be made available for around $25, I think the normal listed prices are for guaranteed/advanced seating.


It's a little bite early but at least they gave the poor time to come up with the money and i can't miss something like that, so who is with me.


Il ike it

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