420 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Many organizations are adopting agile software development techniques when developing large-scale websites, web applications and desktop applications. How do you design an exceptional user experience in a project that follows an agile philosophy? How do traditional user-centered design activities, such as detailed up-front IA and UI discovery, fit into the agile development process?

In this session Ben Skelton, Director of User Experience for Habañero Consulting Group will propose one approach for incorporating User Experience design into large-scale agile projects. After the presentation we encourage everyone to join in a moderated discussion of techniques and tools that have worked for them, and those that haven’t.

Official Website: http://www.vanue.com/2007/01/10/user-experience-in-an-agile-world/

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Would love to have someone come down to the SF Bay Area to deliver the talk (hint hint) - I think a few companies need to hear it ;)