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Van Int'l Jazz Fest: Strawbery Halfmoon Garden, Colin Easthope & More

Lamplighter Publichouse
Monday, June 27, 2011
7:00PM - 10:00PM

TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival June 24 - July 3, 2011
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Strawberry Halfmoon Garden is a folk-rock trio with lyrics and melodies as moving as their earth-shaking rhythms. Their live set is an eruption of off-the-cuff improvisations and intoxicating, introspective lyrics.

Since an early age, Whitney Peterson has written music to ease her soul. She describes songwriting as a spontaneous process, clasping onto imagery and feelings as they come to her. This is likely a skill inherited from her mother, a renowned painter. This introspective process results in a melodic and lyrical style steeped in honesty. Despite her deeply personal relationship with her music, a part of her has always wanted to let others into her musical universe.

This desire began materialize when she met Sydney Beagle. Syd is no stranger to Vancouver's heavy metal scene with his band Reckoner. His average Friday night consists of driving a swarm of sweaty metalheads into a Frenzy in the Cobalt's mosh pit. Although a far cry from his usual groove, Syd instantly recognized Whit's musical intuition and was eager to nurture it. With endeavors in everything from reggae to poetry, this decision came as little surprise to his friends.

Syd brought Whitney to his friends at Gladgnome Studios to record a handful of demo songs. Neither could predict what would come of the spontaneous weekend session. Brandon Hoffman -- engineer and bass player of the session -- naturally bridged the gap between Whitney's graceful poetics, and Syd's raw, dynamic energy. Next thing he knew, Brandon was playing regularly with Syd and Whit to the loving crowds of Commercial Drive and Granville Island. The band quickly coalesced into the cathartic groove machine it is today.

Strawberry Halfmoon Garden is currently back at Gladgnome, recording their first full-length album.

Born and raised in Williams Lake, Colin Easthope has mastered a sound of his own. Blending the past with the present, Colin's sound is infused with a unique perspective on the classic blues and folk scenes.

Refining his sound for the past three years in Kelowna BC, Colin has a growing musical repertoire and reputation as an up-and-comer to watch for on the roots & blues circuit. Colin is constantly active in the Okanagan music scene. He spent 2009 and 2010 collaborating with as many singer - songwriters and instrumentalists as he could get his hands on. Through this process Colin finely crafted a musical voice of his own.

He recorded his debut LP in Vancouver BC March 2010 with the his brother on drums and high school friends at Gladgnome Studios backing him up. Colin's guitar, vocal and harmonica craftsmanship meshes traditional folk lyrics and blues riffs with an edgy alt-country flair.

Colin will be touring this summer with fellow Williams Lakers Cole Patenaude and Joey Jacobson under the guise the Plaid Bandits. Joey holds down the low-end on Bass, while Cole contributes lead guitar. Cole comes from a family of dedicated artists and musicians. His natural skill on guitar finely compliments Colin's nuanced songwriting style.


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