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One of the most sought after comedians working today, Roger Mursick is a touring headline act working night clubs, colleges and corporate events as well as a favorite opener for major concert tours such as Ray Charles, Natalie Cole and Smokey Robinson as well as being a contributing writer to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Having been seen on numerous local and national television programs (Larry King, ABC Nightline, HBO, and Comedy Central) this "Master Monologist" is a comedic contradiction. He may first appear as the clean cut, straight as an arrow fellow next door, yet with his smirking pose, wise-guy voice and wickedly gleeful grin Roger's comedy examines the more twisted ironies of life.

On health and Exercise: A recent study says that Americans are too lazy to exercise - Not true! We will run for an elevator...to avoid a flight of steps.

At my health club all of the machines have seatbelts I've never seen anyone exercise so intensely that they are actually thrown from the apparatus.

On politics: Congress has a new bill to crack down on welfare cheats in the future in order to collect food stamps, you'll have to show a drivers license and two major credit cards.

On Security: I feel so safe now that federal troops are patrolling our subways and airports they've done such a good job securing our borders.

On Healthcare: Congress will now regulate nicotine as a drug So, instead of costing $60, you can now buy a carton of smokes for fifty cents through your HMO

On life and marriage: I've been married twenty years. The longer were together the more clothes we wear to bed. When we first got married we slept in the nude, a year later it was sweat pants.the other night I made love to a pile of laundry that my wife had dumped on the bed.

Winner of the "Greater Southeast Comedy Competition" in Atlanta, Georgia. Roger is originally from Washington, D.C. He now spends much of his time in Los Angeles when he's not on the road in theatres and nightclubs making audiences reel with laughter.

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