2816 Diamond St (at Chenery)
San Francisco, California

According to Catholic lore, the feast of Saint Valentine has traditionally been celebrated on February 14 in honor of a 3rd-century martyr whose head was cut off with a chainsaw (or something like that). Feb. 14 is also known for the bloody St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago, the bombing of Dresden in WWII, and the death of Dolly the first cloned sheep. Hallmark sank its hooks into this date and compounded the indignity with perhaps the worst fabricated holiday on the calendar. Not only does modern Valentine's day encourage deforestation and diabetes, it leaves single people around the world in an undeserved state of guilt and scorn. It's no wonder that bars turn a brisk business on this date.

Well, we've never been ones to encourage the exploitation of human misery, so instead we're offering an opportunity to gather with like-minded social outcasts and misanthropes for the first (and possibly last) Ice Cream Anti-Social. Instead of having a 'date' with that pint of Häagen-Dazs alone at home, bring it to a bar and bitch about your latest drama-filled breakup, that jerk at the gym who won't leave you alone, the lack of love at the DMV, and other cheerful topics. Wear lots of pink and red to show the world that irony is far
from dead. Mingle with people who share a similar loathing for 'mingling'. We'll put the VD in your BVDs and a hangover on your social calendar.


Coincidental with this Valentine's anti-holiday party, there will be a notary-public available at the bar to officiate anything you put in front of him. We're bringing copies of our wills (seriously!) to have them notarized. You can take this opportunity to notarize your important paperwork; divorce papers, restraining orders, or an especially official 'Dear John' letter...

Romance has never been so bureaucratic!

The Glen Park Station bar is one-half block north of the actual Glen Park BART station. If you want to pick up some ice cream on the way the Glen Park Market is across the street from BART, with the freezer chest just inside the door. There's also Buddie's Market at the end of the block past the bar.

If you're coming from the pillow fight, hop on BART at the Embarcadero and then hop off (don't merely 'step' off - it's Valentine's Day, dammit!) at Glen Park. But for god's sake, WATCH THE GAP!

-from the SF Cacophony Society


Muni busses: 23, 26, 44, 49, 52 J-Metro
BART - 1/2 block north of Glen Park Station

Added by disrupsean on February 14, 2006