Portland, Oregon

Interested in user experience in all of its forms? Enjoy reading? Want to combine the two in a social setting with other smart, like-minded people, and maybe drink a beer?

Join us for Portland's fourth UX Book Club meeting on Tuesday October 20. For this session, we're reading "Subject to Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World" by Peter Merholz et al http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596516835

Check the comments below for the address, directions & map.

Added by mcasburn on September 9, 2009



Peter Merholz co-author of Subject to Change,
will be joining us via Skype to discuss the book.


The Portland UX book club moves West this month to 4150 SW Washouga in Council Crest, PDX.

The best route is:
1. Barbur to Capitol Highway
2. Sunset Blvd to Dosch Road
3. Hamilton to Altadena and then to Washouga.


It is also possible to come down Dosch from the Council Crest Shell station, accessible from Hwy 26 and NW Portland.

Best to park on Washouga between the house and Altadena, toward Twombly the street has limited parking. The address is on the mailbox; there is no driveway, just head up the steps.

If you get off course, phone 503-784-8197 for directions.


Is reading a prerequisite? I would have read the book, but I just discovered this event. It looks like an interesting book!


Nope -- come anyway because the topics will meander, and it's a really interesting group of people.


Thanks for the response. Good to know. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me to be there! Hope it went well. I'll try to make it next time.