1 Kendall Square, Bldg 100
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

I've moved the event down the street to the Cambridge Brewing Company.

Reasons for the change of venue:

1- Food and beer.
2- More chill than an office.
3- More seats.
4- Cheaper than renting the CIC for $100.


Take this brief survey at http://uxboston.com/#survey to help us figure out which book to read. Thanks!

More info about the UX Book Club: http://uxbookclub.org

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Added by JasonRobb on March 9, 2009



I had to move the event date from March 19th, to March 26th. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone, and also gets a few more people to show up. Thanks!

Joan Vermette

Any decision on what we're reading, or did you say that and I missed it somewhere between here, Twitter and Facebook?

Sorry to be a pain.



Joan, I'll be bringing a handful of books, and we can play it by ear from there. It would be great to decide early, but there hasn't been much of an overlap with regards to books everyone has read.

And you're not a pain! =)


How do I join the book club or does one just show up?


Show up, baby! Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter, join the group here, or on Facebook. See http://uxboston.com for links elsewhere.