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Plume-RT: Using Real Time Dispersion Modelling to Manage SO2 Emission

by: Ron Chapman and Wade Gieni - RWDI Air Inc.

A real-time dispersion modelling system has been developed in conjunction with industry sponsors and product companies that can be used to proactively manage SO2 emissions following the ignition of an uncontrolled sour gas well release. This tool is also used to manage SO2 produced during flaring operations. This talk will discuss the following aspects of real-time dispersion modelling:

* dispersion modelling challenges facing the Oil & Gas industry
* identify industry requirements for this technology
* how real-time dispersion modelling complements traditional dispersion modelling
* the technology used for real-time dispersion modelling
* industry benefits

When: April 4, 2007 at 11:30 am, Wednesday

Where: Ramada Hotel, Conference Level, 6 St. and 8 Ave. SW.

Tickets: $20 Students (some free tickets still available), $30 A&WMA members, $40 guests and non-members. You can pay at the door or send a check (issued for CPANS) in advance. We do accept major credit cards. We DO NOT ACCEPT DEBIT (checks, cash, Master Card and Visa only) .

RSVP: By March 30, Friday - (The deadline for cancellations is also March 30 - We want to reserve the right to invoice people who committed to attend but did not).

Official Website: http://www.cpans.org

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