48233 Warm Spring Blvd
Fremont, California 94539

Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB) is a web organization dedicated to providing web builders with useful and informative resources. This User Experience Bar camp is all about building web applications and hacking codes while we are celebrating and having good time reuniting all of our friends and members in a un-conference camping environment. Bring your indoor camping gear and sleeping bag for overnight hacking.

User Experience Barcamp (About Web Building)

When: Nov 10-11 Sat 6pm to Sun 5pm
Where: 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94539
Map: Hurricane Electric Building Two "The Matrix"
Direction: dial DIR-ECT-IONS (347-328-4667) and select event "S V W B Bar Camp"
FREE if pre-registered at http://svwbbarcamp.eventbrite.com; $20 At the door

Check-In Hours: Nov 10 Sat 6:00pm & Nov 11 Sun 1:00pm
We will not list the attendees here and please use our Eventbrite registration.

Barcamp Opening Nov 10 Sat 6:00pm

MCs and Founder from Silicon Valley Web Builder will explain everything including User Experience Contest, submission, demo, job posting, team building, camping overnight.

Keynote Speaker Nov 10 Sat 6:30pm
Special speaker from Facebook

BarCamp Schedule:


Submission deadline: Nov 11 Sun 2pm
Judging: 3pm
Judge: Yahoo Evangelist from Yahoo Developer Center
Judging Criteria: User Experience. Open to any platform. Detail will be announced on Sat 6pm.

4 Adobe CS3 Software License(s) from Adobe (Received)
Gift from Hurricane Electric
2 Books from Microsoft (Received)
2 Books from SVWB (Received)
Books from O'Reilly (Shipping)
Books from Apress (Shipping)
Books from PeachPits (Shipping)
Special Program: Finalist(s) & Winner(s) will receive possible World-Class Data Center sponsorship from Hurricane Electric. More goodies from other sponsors will be announced.

Register: http://svwbbarcamp.eventbrite.com
FREE if pre-registered; $20 at the door

Official Website: http://www.barcamp.org/SvwbBarCamp

Added by Websig on August 15, 2007



6PM to 2PM? ???


What does hacking have to do with user experience?


I'm going to have to agree with Andrew, this looks like a run of the mill hack-a-thon. The initial sessions I saw posted were all about Facebook apps, Google Maps apps, iPhone apps.

Maybe there's a more concrete tie-in to UX somewhere but right now I'm get the feeling it's "let's slap some US, that means pretty designs right, onto a hack a thon"


I'm sort of wondering about the UX/hacking tie myself: is there any point in attending this if you're a UI person who doesn't actually write code?


Our Sun contest is based on User Experience. User Experience is just our theme but the barcamp is everything about building web applications.

Adobe is sponsoring contest prizes. Winner(s) will receive Adobe commercial software license(s) and book(s).


Finalist(s) and Winner(s) will be invited in special program sponsored by Hurricane Electric. This involved in potential Data Center support and investment opportunities. There may be other potential benefits for winners.