Sorbonnelaan 16
Utrecht, Utrecht

This year's symposium we will focus on the famous mathematical question whether the complexity class P (The class of languages where membership can be decided quickly) equals NP (The class of languages where membership can be verified quickly).

In four talks we shall try to gain some insight into the problem from different perspectives. The perspectives vary from the search for a definite settlement of the question, to the way in which information is safely transfered over internet under the assumption that P does not equal NP.

If you would like to know more about these complexity issues, please sign up for this free symposium. We hope to see you on June 14th at Went Blauw at the Uithof in Utrecht, the Netherlands!

The (preliminary) programme:
10.00 - Reception with coffee and tea
10.30 - Opening: Pieter Adriaans
11.00 - Lecture: Jan van Leeuwen
12.00 - Lecture: Eike Kiltz
13.00 - Lunch break
14.00 - Lecture: Joost Joosten
15.00 - Tea and coffee break
15.15 - Lecture: Elham Kashefi
16.15 - Dicussion
16.45 - Closure / drinks

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