515 West Hastings
Vancouver, British Columbia

Product and Information Designers know that before starting any project, user analysis should be done. Usability testing, user interviews, and stakeholder analysis are popular techniques. However, personas and scenarios are two very powerful tools in the designers toolkit.

Come spend the day with Dr. Ginny Redish, internationally-recognized technical communicator and usability specialist (www.redish.net). Ginny will lead a highly-interactive, hands-on workshop about using personas and scenarios.

Personas and scenarios make your users and your users' work come alive. They engage project teams in ways that traditional user profiles and task analysis don't usually achieve. They make you - and the developers and other specialists you work with - think in new ways about your product's users. And that can help you bring more value to your work.

For full details about this workshop and registration information, visit the Society for Technical Communication, Canada West Coast chapter web site: http://www.gifttool.com/registrar/ShowEventDetails?ID=47&EID=697

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