Burgwal 45 t/m 49
Delft, Zuid-Holland

door Claudio Acioly
Lecture in English
maandag 8 mei 2006, 20:15 uur
Speakers Burgwal 45 t/m 49, 2611 GG DELFT
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LOCATION: Speakers, Burgwal 45-49, Delft

Urban planning is a complex activity given the wide range of interests, actors, activities, conflicts and a paramount of legislation involved in the dynamics of cities. The task of an urban planner in a country like The Netherlands appears to be difficult but the problems confronting urban planners in cities of the Developing World often place urban planners in a central role for the resolution of critical problems affecting the urban population. Rapid urbanisation and high population growth coupled with increasing demand for housing and urban services and the emerge of megacities are just some of the elements challenging urban planners? capacity to respond adequately and positively to the problems derived from this phenomenon. It challenges the ability of cities to provide jobs, infrastructure and housing. Moreover, urban planners in developing countries are confronted with a politically and socially explosive phenomenon of informal urbanisation and the widespread of slums. More than 1 billion people are living in slums and squatter settlements in the world today. A phenomenon that shows the urbanisation of poverty and social exclusion. Claudio Acioly will address this problem within an international perspective showing different cities in the world with their respective approaches in housing policies and slum upgrading strategies.

Claudio Acioly, M.Sc. is an architect and urban planner, and has graduated from Delft University of Technology. He is currently the coordinator of the Housing Specialisation of the Master Course at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Rotterdam.

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