Madison Ave at East 120-124th st
New York City, New York

URB ALT Festival Opening Day @ Marcus Garvey Memorial Park

The URB ALT Festival 2007 is 4 powerful nights of music/film events in Harlem, NY held on June 9th, Marcus Garvey Park; June 23rd, Faison Firehouse Theater; July 7th, The Shrine; and July 21st, Apple Store(downtown). Each exciting evening features performances by international musicians and visualists such as Vernon Reid, AR Kane, the Exit, Res, Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio, Kaki King, Blake Fleming of Mars Volta, Otto Fischer, Tenderhead, Faith, Lyndon Barrois and MuthaWit Orchestra among others. This year all artists will be playing their original works while also paying homage to legendary artists such as Alice Coltrane, AR Kane, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles. Festival founder, Boston Fielder, says "Alice Coltrane's work made me interested in a musical career. Her sound was jazz, rock, ambient, soul, gospel and classical simutaneously. It will be a tremendous honor to expose the URB ALT Festival Opening Day audiences to Mrs. Coltrane's musical legacy." URB ALT Festival 2007 is on the cutting edge of what's hip and bold enough to project what will be fashionable in the future.

The following is the bill for URB ALT Festival 2007 Opening Day:

Musical Artists:
Res - Philadelphia
Vernon Reid of Living Colour - NYC
Tenderhead - NYC
The Exit – Los Angeles
MuthaWit Orchestra - NYC
Shanti Om – Atlanta
Jahlili Rawkstraw – Atlanta
Visual Projectionists:
Tim Fielder(Director of 3D animated feature film, "Harbinger," Italy)
Lyndon Barrois(animation director of Matrix series, 2007 Oscar winner, Los Angeles)

All of the URB ALT Festival events will also be broadcast live on the internet and archived for continuous replay by the global community at Percentages of proceeds from the 4 nights of events will be donated to the John Coltrane Foundation, Baton Rouge Hurricane Katrina Fund, VH1 Save The Music and AIDs Alive NYC.

URB ALT Festival 2007 sponsors are the New York Press, Gibson Guitars, Odd Endeavors, Fusicology, Girls On Media, Liberator Magazine, Bighead Scientists, Junkmein Studioworks and Wyndham Hotels.

Cost: $5 for 6/9 and $12 for 6/23, 7/7 and 7/21. $30 package for all four nights.

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