2-24 Kensington High St
London, England W8 4PT

Added by nanodave on November 2, 2006



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Apparently this has been cancelled by the organisers, not enough interest it seems.... Interesting piece in the Guardian from Monday 18th Dec about it titled 'Excess space at conference suggests networking bubble may have burst':


Goodness Sam, have you been inbibing of the goodness of some such events recently? I really can't imagine such an event occuring in ol' London town. It sounds quite astonishing



Actually - I wanted to go but it was overpriced.


That's a good point Elinesca - the kind of innovators who would be investigating and / or evangelising this kind of stuff inside their (large, mid-sized or small) organsations are still mostly not the head honchos and high-rolling execs who can afford to go to such a high-priced event as this; hence the sluggish sales. In turn, plenty of small events are tackling these issues. Still, it would have been great to hear from Craigslist up there among the old media titans!