130 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambidge, Massachusetts 02139


A DAY IN THE LIFE is a platform for simultaneous global performances and a base for international collaborations. Urban spaces in MUNICH, OKLAHOMA CITY, BOSTON and ISTANBUL will be connected with each other via a streaming
video server. The full performance will only be complete when all four locations are viewed simultaneously.

Boston artist BURAK ARIKAN is contributing Upgrade! Stock Market, in which participating Upgrade nodes (Boston, Istanbul, Munich and Oklahoma City) will become traded companies. Each Upgrade node will have 100 shares.
Sensors mounted at the entrance to the gallery will register how many people are in the room at any one time and send this information to a central server. Each node will gain or lose value depending on the number of people in its local space.

A DAY IN THE LIFE, conceived by Horst Konietzny and Tamiko Thiel of Upgrade!Munich, is part of Upgrade! International Oklahoma City, an international gathering taking place from November 30-December 3.

Burak Arikan is an artist and designer creating systems that evolve with the interactions of people and machines. He shows the instances of these systems through diverse media including prints, animation, software, electronics, and physical materials. His work has recently been shown at Ars Electronica, and the Venice Biennale. Arikan recently completed his master's degree at the MIT Media Laboratory in the Physical Language Workshop (PLW) led by John Maeda.

Official Website: http://www.turbulence.org/upgrade/archives/11_30BA.html

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